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LOGISTIC BUSINESS. Case studies of how we work.

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Practical example

How we work

09:00: Today your documents for an important tender are not delivered securely by conventional parcel services. There is the threat that you could lose a major project.

10:00: You place an inquiry with a special agent of KLG24 Logistik who is to organise an express delivery from your location (Dresden) to the customer (Chicago)

10:15: Only some 15 minutes later you find out the flight connection and the price with the assurance - your tender will even arrive today according to American time

11:30: The documents will be picked up by KLG24's personal courier. This courier accompanies the transport up to the point of delivery to the customer on site.

13:00: The flight connection was checked in time and created directly for you: Dresden via Munich to Chicago

18:30: American time, the plane lands with the courier and your documents

19:15: After entering the USA, the courier gets into the vehicle at the airport, which was organised in advance by the global network of KLG24

20:00: Your documents for the tender arrive safely 4 hours before the deadline.

17:00: Your customer, one of the largest automobile manufacturers, is threatened with a production standstill in one of its plants in Spain due to a delivery bottleneck at your company in Koblenz

17:15: Together in with the management, you decide to book an emergency logistics provider and a special or express trip solution

17:30: A KLG24 special agent receives the request

17:45: within 15 minutes, you have an offer that guarantees you the fastest and safest delivery of all the goods

18:00: You book the Special Service with the knowledge - KLG24 will prevent production downtime and any costs that may arise

18:30: The vehicle arrives at your location - as the KLG24 can provide a vehicle within 30-90 minutes

19:00: Loaded and equipped with all the papers, the KLG24 vehicle drives to the next airport

20:30: The shipment is loaded onto a chartered plane - this flies non-stop to a pre-arranged airport close to your customer

22:30: The machine lands and is unloaded - the vehicle organised by the broad network in Europe is ready and will start the delivery

23:30: The relevant parts are delivered 30 minutes before the deadline and the courier receives a countersigned and signed receipt

01:00: You have a medical sample in a hospital (Munich) - it must be checked and examined immediately in a laboratory near Emden

01:30: The request is processed by a KLG24 special agent.

01:45: some 15 minutes later you receive the freight offer

02:30: The shipment is picked up from your location by a courier who delivers the shipment directly

11:30: The sample reaches the laboratory after a journey of 845km.

07:30: You receive information from a customer at a construction site in Karlsruhe that the pumps you have ordered cannot be used due to a defect.

08:00: after checking several times, you realise - in standard shipping, the replacement can only be sent the following day - the customer however still needs a solution today

08:30: Your partner KLG24 for time-critical solutions receives the request

08:45: just 15 minutes later, you receive a transport offer from your plant in Hanover to Karlsruhe with the information: Loading in 60 minutes and a delivery time of 5.5 hours

10:00: the pre-arranged van drives off to the customer using GPS - for seamless tracking

15:30: the courier arrives with the replacement pump and ensures that it is installed on time - without the need to stop construction and incur any additional costs.

17:00: Your customer wants to celebrate his shop opening tomorrow at 10 a.m. and the advertising system you have installed is defective. A spare part has to be sent from Leipzig to Zurich in Switzerland as quickly as possible.

18:00: The pre-arranged KLG24 delivery van is already ready for loading.

18:45: The loading was successful - unfortunately you can no longer create customs papers and can only give the courier the 3-fold invoice and the delivery note

19:00: The KLG24 special agent will get in touch with his 24/7 customs broker and clarify everything for you.

06:00: The shipment is cleared by the customs partner and all papers have already been created.

08:00: Arriving at the customer in Zurich, the fitters install the spare part and the opening can take place as desired



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