Global high-performance logistics within 24H

Sometimes, consignments allow no delays and must be transported directly from A to B. And precisely that seamless performance in record time is one of the many strengths KLG24 Express Logistics has to offer. Whether important documents to be delivered in a small, flexible van, big components to be transported by haulage, or even when punctual airfreight is requested, you can always count us in!

Our express logistics set the standards in the branch

KLG24 Logistik does not simply follow the existing standards, but rather sets new standards for the whole Logistic Branch. We are available for you around the clock. Our network never rests and is 100% reliable. Should you need an urgent transport solution out of the blue, we will provide it at the shortest time, and will pick up your shipment promptly. You can always rely on us, even if you regularly have express goods that need to be delivered. Depending on what industry you are in, your company may require additional services, resulting in us providing customized logistic solutions for your express deliveries.

Once your delivery has been picked up, you can start using our real-time tracking to follow your goods. You will notice your transport will be especially fast within German and European economic hubs. But even remote delivery addresses are no obstacle for our team, as KLG24 Logistik will comply with the agreed delivery time on both national and international assignments.

Our fleet is technically up to date, regularly maintained and profits from state-of-the-art navigation systems. This way, our vans and trucks find the shortest route and unerringly avoid traffic jams, ensuring a secure and quality high-performance express delivery.

Immediate collection and direct transportation – when the goods cannot wait

Over 3,000 different vehicles are immediately available for use, should your shipment need to be put on the road promptly. For cargo that simply cannot wait, we use our network of different vehicles and aircrafts within the EU. One simple call to us is all it takes.  We will collect your goods, whether in Germany or the European Union, within 60 to 120 minutes, at any address, and deliver it using the quickest route available.

In order to speed up the process even more, our vehicles also have aids for loading and unloading. Upon request, we can include a second driver for an extra charge, so that the loading and unloading process can be even more swift. Our drivers will successfully deliver your goods to their destination thanks to their long-standing experience, absolute reliability, and a well-groomed appearance.  We also offer contacting the recipient and keeping him informed about e.g. the delivery time.  Thanks to our sophisticated security system, we ensure that your high-value goods, sensitive documents, dangerous goods and HAZMAT arrive safely.

Reliable collection worlwide within 24hrs

Do you have an express assignment at short notice? Contact our Customer Hotline and let us know what you need. Our global network will provide the best matching solution in no time at all. From regional deliveries to swift transport of perishable, light- or temperature-sensitive goods, to international air freight, we get your cargo moving. Depending on the type, weight, scope and destination of your cargo, we will select the type of transportation that will deliver your goods safely, on time and undamaged.

We guarantee that our On Board Couriers for your Express Deliveries will be at their destination within the following time frames

  • Germany and EU: maximum 12 hours
  • USA: maximum 20 hours
  • Rest of the World: maximum 24 hours

You can track your delivery live any time. This way, you will always be immediately informed about any changes in the route!


Who are our customers? We are honoured to have provided different services to companies in the automobile, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Many other companies also use the express services of KLG24 Logistik regularly. We are also in demand when it comes to highly important documents or valuable cargo. Contact us if you have anything that needs a fast and reliable delivery service, we are global and, consequently, operate worldwide.

We would be delighted to provide you with quote for your Express Transport! Our Customer Centre is available around the clock!