The special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry require an individually tailored service. KLG24 Logistik is an innovative and competent logistics service provider, which offers you matching solutions and services that fulfil the specific requirements of the pharma logistics.

Tailor-made solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturers dealing with high quality pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements must observe strict rules. Such requirements apply to every single key step in the supply chain. You will therefore need a high-performance logistics partner who guarantees to adhere to the legal framework, and who also gives top priority to the safety of your products. Our specially trained team uses its wealth of experience to follow the adequate steps needed to take care of the supply chain of the products you wish to transport.

The transport action plan for your consignment is specifically designed for your needs. This is done taking into consideration special logistic techniques intended for the pharmaceutical branch, so that our transport solution matches your logistical and pharmaceutical requirements. Quality management is our top priority. You can therefore rest assured that, not only do we guarantee a seamless cold chain for your shipping, but have also conducted a detailed risk assessment in advance. This enables us to be optimally prepared for any eventualities, as well as to react with flexibility to any short-term changes.


Pharmaceutical products need to be in the right place at the right time. That is why our services include:

  • Transport of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, insulin, blood products, chemicals and other healthcare products.
  • Modern and high-end vehicles with a temperature ranging from -20° to +20 °C (IQ, OQ and PQ)
  • Tailor-made logistic solutions with total cold chain compliance and following all legal regulations
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Compliance
  • Excellent value for money

HIGHLY sensitive pharmaceutical products – WHEN every degree counts

We know every degree can make a huge difference in the shipping of pharmaceutical products. Our Cool Chain Management, with access controls, guarantees a permanent monitoring of temperature. Special temperature mapping allows highly sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare products to be transported under constant and optimal conditions, even in the event of seasonal temperature fluctuations.

All different steps, ranging from handling procedures to transportation, are appropriately recorded for you, so that you can fully comply with those documentation requirements stipulated by law. We also offer calibrated measuring instruments or data loggers for tracking. You can definitely count on us when it comes to Dangerous Goods Documentation or obtaining any necessary additional permits.

As an international company, we are familiar with the bureaucratic hurdles, the ins and outs of different national requirements and the logistical conditions on site. All this knowledge enables us to accelerate your pharmaceutical transport already at the planning stage. After all, every single minute counts when it comes to adhering to product specifications such as the incidence of light of temperature fluctuations. Therefore, we are the company to contact for all kinds of express consignments you may require.


Every detail counts when transporting pharmaceutical products. Depending on the freight, a clear distinction is made between transport at room temperature, refrigeration mandatory goods, storage in a refrigerator and cold chain goods. In order to successfully transport your pharmaceutical goods requiring cooling, we offer a modern, highly equipped fleet of vehicles that operate temperatures ranging from -20°C to +20 °C (IQ, OQ and PQ). Simply choose the best option for you, ranging from active cooling systems to passive cooling containers with isolation inserts. We, in turn, will monitor the cold chain itself using temperature loggers of RFID transponders.

But not only does our equipment meet the newest standards. You can also rely on our vehicles being in a perfectly hygienic condition, including their loading and cooling areas. We always comply with the standards and norms common to the industry, such as e.g. SQAS, ISO 9001 and 14001. Our carriers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector are specially trained and will support you throughout the process with the requested documentation and the proper handling of sensitive freight.


As a pharmaceutical logistics specialist, KLG24 Logistik is constantly involved in the transport of pharmaceuticals and products from the healthcare sector. Therefore, you will always profit from a service based on state-of-the-art developments in the industry and the highest level of safety. We would be delighted to offer you a non-binding quote. Let us show you how your pharmaceutical and medical products can reach their destination safely and with a measurable added value. Just get in touch with us!